Quick Guide

Setup your eAvio Club application

eAvio eClub was designed in order to facilitate operations in flying clubs, pilots, and schools. With our solution, you can easily manage your fleet, members, documents, and finances.

This quick guide will guide you through the basic workflow.


To access your control center, add /control to your URL.



In this module, you manage all your members' basic info, their activities, reservations, chronometries, roles, licenses, ratings, etc.

Your initial account was created on installation.

You can manage individual user info or reset password with the Edit icon. All user activities, reservations, etc. are accessible via the View icon.

In order to add a new user, you have to fill in all the required fields.


This module is used to connect the user to a specific section.

In order to view this module, open the User detail view (View icon), and scroll down a little bit. On the list, you'll see all the sections user is active in.

Don't forget to authorize users for a specific activity in the section.

Activity options currently in use:



Is the user active as an instructor

User has the ability to fly at night

Flight chief


Is allowed to be selected as a flight chief

User is participating in a training program

Medical Permission

To take to the skies, a pilot needs a valid medical permission certificate. An invalid or expired document prevents the user from submitting a flight order or flight log.

Editing a user's medical information, including setting the validity and uploading the certificate, is done on the user's edit view. The two relevant fields are 'Medical permission' and 'Medical permission document', found after the 'Birth date' field.

The 'Medical permission' field specifies the expiration date, while the 'Medical permission document' field is used for uploading the certificate file, typically in .pdf format, though the system accepts most other file types.


  1. Open the desired user's edit page by clicking on the Edit icon.

  2. Scroll down to the Medical permission date field, click on it, and select the expiration date of the certificate.

  3. To upload the document, you can either drag and drop the file into the file upload field, or click on it and select the desired file from your storage.

  4. To save the changes, scroll to the end of the page and press the Update User button.

Ratings & Licenses

In addition to the medical permission, each user can have multiple licenses linked to their account. Each license has the option to be associated with multiple ratings. If a license has any ratings attached, its validity date will automatically be set to the date of the rating that expires soonest.

Before attaching licenses or ratings to users, you must first create the corresponding types (PPL, LAPL, CPL, etc.) in their respective resource tables, which are located under the "Other" tab in the sidebar menu ("Other" -> "Licenses" and "Other" -> "Ratings").

Attaching a license

  1. To attach a license, open a user's detail view. There, you can conveniently view and edit all licenses associated with their account, situated beneath their general information.

  2. Press the "Create Users License" button which will open the creation page.

  1. Enter all required license details, upload a copy of the document using the 'Choose File' button, and ensure the 'Active' checkbox is selected. Finally, click the 'Create Users License' button at the bottom of the page to save the entered information.

  1. The newly created license will now appear in the 'Licenses' table on the user's detail view.

Attaching a rating to a license

A rating can be directly attached to a license from the user's detail view by selecting the 'Ratings' tab and clicking the 'Create Users Rating' button. Alternatively, you can open the desired license's detail view and attach the rating from there using the same approach. The latter option is simpler as it eliminates the need to manually select the license for rating attachment. The following step-by-step instructions will describe this simpler option:

  1. Click the eye icon to go to the license's View page.

  1. Scroll to the bottom and press the "Create Users Rating" button to open the rating creation page.

  1. Select the desired rating, specify its validity date, and provide any optional information. Upload the rating document using the 'Choose File' button. Ensure the 'Active' checkbox is selected, then press 'Create Users Rating' to save the new resource.

  1. The newly created rating will now be visible both on the connected license's page and the user's page. Additionally, the validity date of the connected license will be updated to match the expiry date of the earliest rating.

We notify the user and manager about the expiration 30 days prior based on validity.

If any license or rating is expired, the user is not allowed to submit a flight order.

Price List Groups

This module is used to assign users to one or more price list groups. You can specify the validation date, and its activity as well.

In order to view this module, open the User detail view (View icon), and scroll down a little bit. In the list, you can see which groups the user belongs to.

Users are automatically assigned to "membership" or "contribution" group as soon as they pay membership.

When assigning a new group to the user, you'll see a few pre-existing groups. Those shouldn't be changed. But you can add your own if you like.

Price list groups are used in combination with Pricelist. It is possible to create a different price list for each group (see below).


Roles are an important part of this application. Depends on the user role, different permissions are granted. Few basic roles are pre-defined, such as the manager, instructor, member, and accountant. New roles may only be added by the super-admin.


FLEET / Aircrafts

This module is used to add aircraft with all the detailed information, such as registration, type, serial number, etc. You can also specify what the purpose of an aircraft is.

In order to add an aircraft, you need to have or create at least one aircraft type (see FLEET / Aircraft Types).

You need to specify as well if the aircraft is airworthy, used for glider tow, or can carry skydivers.

If the aircraft isn't airworthy, it won't be available to the users.

In the Live data, you may enter the initial aircraft state. You can specify the state in one or many available types (totalizer, hobbs, cycles, landings, flight time).

Those aircraft state data is used to predict the next mainteinance (only if you are using eAvio eClub application to manage aircraft resources - see FLEET / Aircraft Resources).

Flight Purposes

OTHER / Flight purpose

This module is used to specify what the purpose of each flight is. Purposes are primarily used in price lists and reports. Adding the exception helps the system to calculate training or towing time.

Available exceptions are:

  • General purpose - default option.

  • Instructor on the ground/ in the aircraft - flight purpose connected to the training.

  • Towing exception - flight purpose connected to towing a glider.

  • Seen only be manager - flight purpose seen only by the manager (otherwise same as General purpose).



It is used to create a price list for the specific aircraft type, user group, or individual user alone.

Some of the input fields are explained in more detail below.

Valid to field is optional. If not set, price list will be valid indefinitely!

The Pricelist Group defines for which group the price list applies.

If you want to add a special price list for a specific user, you select an option from the drop-down menu in the User field. It that case Pricelist Group field is ignored!

The Fixed Costs / Tax Rate field refers to any fixed cost that may happen for a specific aircraft (for example, opening hangar).

In the Detail field, you need to specify for which section are you making the price list. Additional fields appear (for Power or Microlight, fields are the same). After selecting that filed, you need to add at least one Flight type price. Flight type price is time-based.

Usually, you start with It is recommended to start with specifying All purposes, as shown in the picture above. In continue with other exceptions.


LIBRARY / Library Folder

The library is used for better distribution of your club's documentation, like aircraft manuals, club documentation, scripts, etc.

Folders and its files may be visible to all users, or users in a specific section.

Before adding a file, at least one folder has to be created.

LIBRARY / Library File

This module is used to upload a document file that can be uploaded, and described.

The recommended document format is PDF.


OTHER / Posts

They are used to notify users about different club activities.

With creating a post, you specify for which User the post is added, upload a file, insert its content, and schedule the activity for a specific date. If you select the Featured box, the notification for this post is sent to all the users.

Daily Guests

Sometimes you may need to record activities at your airport even if the pilots are not members of your organisation. With this module you can easily record landings, take-offs, aircraft registration and pilot names. You will then be able to download the records in cssv or excel format.

Create a Daily Guest

When creating it you can add the following parameters:

  • Date: By default you will have the current date, but you can change it to any day.

  • Aircraft Reg.: here you can enter the Aircraft Registration of the aircraft landing or taking off.

  • T/O Time: time at which the aircraft takes off

  • LNG Time: time at which the plane lands

  • Pilot Name: if you want, you can add the name of the pilot on board.

  • Remarks: here you can write some remarks about the daily guest

Details, Edit and Delete

After creation you will be able to:


View the details of the Guest Flight of your choice.

If you click here, you can see the details


You will be able to edit the information of a previously entered Daily Guest.

If you click on it, the edit form will appear


You will be able to delete the Deily Guest of your choice.

Search and Filter

You can search for your Daily Guests by :

  • Aircraft Registration

  • Pilot Name


You will be able to search for Daily Guests who have registered over a period of time.

Club Decisions

In your club, you sometimes need to keep track of the decisions made by members. With this module you can eassily track the decisions, how many peaple are in favor, how many against and also how many abstent. After that all the members can have access to this, and search for the decision they are interested in.


The app is accessible via your clubs URL (usually https://clubname.edesk.aero).

It is used for reservations, flight orders, chronometry, finances, club documentation, etc.


In order to make an aircraft reservation, you need to be active in at least one section. Afterward, the section needs to be selected.

Although the aircraft is marked as not Airworthy or Maintenance, the reservation is still possible. In that case, you'll be notified as soon as the aircraft is airworthy again.

The reservation may be done in two ways:

Choosing an aircraft first

After selecting an aircraft, you'll see the calendar view. In this view, you can choose Add reservation, or just long tap and drag on the calendar.

If the aircraft is already reserved by somebody else, you'll see a grey field in the calendar (as shown in the picture above).

Choosing a date first

Open the calendar (scroll down to the bottom of the view), and tap on the hour.

Flight Order

Before every flight, you have to submit the flight order.

You can't do that if any of the following criterias are met:

- Your account balance in any of the sections is negative.

- Any of the licenses, rating,s or medical is expired.

- Selected aircraft is Not Airworthy or in Maintenance.

- Flight chef for a flight order period is not assigned.

If your club allows, you can submit a flight order without prior reservation.

You choose the Start and End time, one or more Flight Purpose, and add the Description. The flight order may be edited afterward.


After the flight is completed, you need to submit chronometry.

You insert the Instructor, add a Comment, select the Flight Date, Takeoff and Landing, Flight Purpose, and Add Leg. Each Leg can have its own flight purpose.

After you added all Legs, you see the following data:

Aircraft's next maintenance - this information is only visible if the club is tracking aircraft resources.

Flight chief

If you have appropriate permission, you can assign yourself as a flight chief for a current day.


This module is used to pay membership, contribution (if a specific section is collecting one), or fill-up your club's account. While the transaction is in progress, you'll see an animated circle as shown in the picture below.

After the transaction is completed, you'll see a green checkmark, and the invoice will be available to download.


The Summary is displayed on the front page, and you see the Body when you tap on the post.

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