Daily Guests

This module is designed specifically for aviation clubs with airports that accommodate aircraft from non-member pilots, thereby streamlining the management of arrivals and departures. It enables the swift addition of these external pilots into the system, ensuring efficient oversight of all air traffic at your facility. Furthermore, it provides the capability to download comprehensive records in CSV or Excel formats, facilitating easy data management and analysis. This enhancement not only improves operational control but also ensures that accurate and accessible records of all external pilot activities are maintained.

Administrator Panel

In the administrator panel you can add, edit and delete records.

You will then be able to download the records in cssv or excel format.


On the front end, there is a button that is always active, which facilitates the opening of the daily guest pop-up in order to register them in the shortest possible time.

You will be able to add the Aircraft registration, landing/take-off time, airport (pre-selected to the nearest one according to your geolocation), pilot's name and some remarks.

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With this Parameter you can enable or disable the Daily Guest module.

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