Community Works

In certain organizations, members are expected to contribute to community work in addition to their regular duties. To effectively manage this requirement, we've developed a module that allows users to specify the amount of community work expected from each member and tracks their completion progress. Users also have the option to compensate for any incomplete community work obligations by making a monetary deposit. Community work logs can be entered either by administrators or by users themselves, with the latter requiring approval from administrators. Additionally, the system automatically records community work when a user is designated as a coordinator.

Administrator Panel

In the administrator panel, you can create new community work duties assigned to a user and keep track of: their active period, how many hours they have worked and how many hours they have left to do.

You can also create Community Work Logs by assigning them to a specific user.


In the Community Works module in the front-end you can see your own community work logs, you can create new ones and these must be accepted by an administrator, you can also delete them. And if they have not yet been accepted you can edit them.


When you create a new Community Work Log the administrator will receive this email to approve it.


With this Parameter you can enable or disable the Community Works section.

In the following parameter you can configure the email addresses of the administrators who will be able to confirm the created community work logs.

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